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And I thought you can't ground your kids when they're nearly 18 years… - Very Neptune [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jun. 27th, 2005|11:54 am]
Very Neptune
[mood |blankblank]
[music |Ben Folds - Landed]

And I thought you can't ground your kids when they're nearly 18 years old. Of course, Aaron Echolls can. I'm sure he's assured he can do whatever he likes and never think of consequences. I mean, I need to think of them, not him. Of course. Also, I have to give him that this is one of his best punishments so far. I mean, yeah sure, he has been beating me up as long as I can remember myself and still being locked in a house is much more... annoying.

And this is also very unfair. My girlfriend, wait, make that ex-girlfriend, is in a hospital, of course, she did make it clear that she had no wish to see me. Ever again. Still, I would want to know how she is. Of course, being locked in a house isn't allowing me much of an action.

Believe me, it's awful when you're grounded in a house and your only entertainment is Trina. For someone who claims to be in entertaining business she's awful. Not that that's surprise. She has, after all, got her acting talent from dad and as much as he wouldn't play the caring father in real life, his movies would get much more money if he would do half as good act on screen.

See, if I was thirteen years old girl, I might now be writing my life story in a nice, pink diary, but as I'm not? There's not much to do. I am considering the best way out of here, of course, to actually get out I would need a car. A good one as it's a challenge to get through the journalists that are still standing by the gate.

If this was any other time but now? I would call Lilly or Duncan and ask to pick me up, but that really is not a possibility now, is it? Besides, where would I go? I can't go to the hospital as Lilly made it clear I am not welcomed there. Maybe I should call Veronica, but then again, I'm not all that sure what to tell her.

All this is so damn complicated and I haven't even got a clue when it became so. We with Lilly always fight, so how did this time turn so much differential and screwed up? Because I kissed Veronica. Who's Lilly's best friend. And sister. Was that it? Was all this because I kissed Veronica? And damn it, if it's so, shouldn't I feel sorry? Because I'm not. I'm sorry for many things but kissing Veronica isn't on the list.

And now I'm broken up with Lilly for good, and damn that hurts. It's not like this isn't for the best, because it is, God knows all we ever did was hurt each other and I doubt that will change now that we're officially broken up, if anything? Now the hurting will start anew. Because that's Lilly. And as much as I would love her, I just can't bring myself care as much as I should.

So here I am, walking around the house, doing next to nothing at all. All this is so fucked that I don't even know where to start to pick all the pieces up. Don't even know if I should.