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They wanted to keep me in the hospital for a couple more days, but I… - Very Neptune [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Aug. 3rd, 2005|09:15 pm]
Very Neptune


They wanted to keep me in the hospital for a couple more days, but I was able to convince Dad that I would be better off at home. He had to argue with the doctors and I have a feeling it wasn't totally above the board, but either way they released me. Duncan stayed at my side the entire time and shielded me away from the photographers who were scoping out the hospital parking lot. I wanted to go after them, but hiding away in the back of the limo worked too.

Mom was there but she kept her distance from me. We barely looked at each other, so we damn sure didn't exchange words. In fact, the drive back to the house was pretty much made in silence. Dad looked like he wanted to say something to me but every time he would clear his throat, Duncan would shoot him a glare and that would be that. The limo parked as close to the door as it could and I bolted inside. I went straight for my room and locked the door behind me. If Donut wanted in, he had a key, but I had no use for my parents right now.

I thought about calling Veronica or even Logan, but I pushed those thoughts away quickly. There was nothing left to say to either of them and I needed to just face that I was going to have to move on without them. At least I wasn't alone. I could maybe spin the gossip at school in my favor, but no matter what I had Duncan on my side and of course there was Weevil. Weevil. I needed to call him and have him sneak in. He's the one I wanted to see because he's the only one, outside of Donut, who still cares about me. I was a little surprised that after my stunt on the bridge, Weevil didn't run for cover. I guess he decided I was worth tolerating or something. Of course I was worth. I'm Lilly Kane. People either want to be me or date me, even if it means they may someday end up on top of a bridge hoping for things to just end.

I found my cell phone and dialed Weevil's number, frowning when his voice mail came on. What was this? Why didn't he pick up when he saw it was me? Oh, school or work or something probably. It's not like he would avoid me, right? Right? "Hey baby, I'm home. I was hoping to see you. You can use the fire escape up to my window and I'll let you in."

I hung up the phone and tossed it to the other end of the bed. This was the first day of the rest of my life and so far it was sucking a lot.

From: _weevil_
2005-08-06 03:06 am (UTC)
I'd been out with the boys when my cellie started to ring. Picked it up and noticed right away it was my girl. Lilly. Small half smile made it's way across my face when I looked down at the caller ID. Wanted to pick it up right there and then but I knew they'd give me a whole bunch of shit about her like they always did. I was the leader, so it wasn't like they could tell me what to do or who to do-- but they'd be makin' with the innappropriate comments and then I'd be makin' with the bustin' up their faces. A lose lose situation all around since usually? I tried to avoid pickin' fights with my own team. If I was wantin' to be smashin' in any faces it was that Echolls kid. What the fuck was he thinkin' anyway? Pickin' Veronica Mars over Lilly. Was the boy blind along with bein' a stupid rich prick?

As soon as I managed to pry myself away I listened to the message and rolled my eyes. Ever gonna be a day when I could walk up to the front door of my best girl's house and ring the doorbell? Not fucking likely. I was always gonna be Eli Navarro, biggest troublemaker Neptune'd ever seen, leader of the motorcycle game. Not a bad wrap if I do say so myself, but kind've a pain in the ass when I just wanted something for myself. And Lilly? She was all for me, even if she didn't wanna admit it.

I gave it a week tops before she ran back to Echolls.

Parking my bike a few blocks from Lilly's house I knew that shit wasn't gonna fly forever. Only so long Weevil was gonna stay down, hidden in the shadows, ya know? Just when I thought I was the biggest badass around I start layin' down for this one little white girl. Lettin' her turn me all around and inside out. Bitch. Loved her though, no denying that shit.

Climbing up the tree towards her window, I watched her for a minute. Layin' on her bed and listening to her headphones, probably some lame pop band and reading some girly magazine. A small smile spread across my lips as I watched her for a minute before gently tapping my fingertips against the glass and catchin' her attention.
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[User Picture]From: logans_lilly
2005-08-06 06:12 pm (UTC)
I turned the music off as soon as I heard the tapping on my window. Weevil. I'm not sure why I was surprised he came just because I asked him too, but I was happy that he did. Climbing off the bed, I walked over to the window and unlocked it for him. "Hi." I said, as I leaned in and kissed him as my fingers grabbed hold of his shirt and tugged him inside.

I'd have asked him to come to the front door, but they would have turned him away. Everyone wanted me to rest. Not that they would exactly welcome him on a good day, but everyone sort of expected me to shatter into a million pieces after my great bridge adventure. I hated it. I hated that they thought I was weak because I wasn't. I was Lilly Kane and there was nothing weak about me.

"Have a hard time climbing up?" I teased, my eyes dancing with delight as I walked across the room and flopped back down on my bed. He was watching me with unreadable eyes and I knew he wanted nothing more than to join me on the bed and have a proper reunion. I wanted that too, but the thing with Weevil was there was no way to keep quiet. I'd be screaming out his name in no time at all and then people would come barging into my room and getting into my business. I hated living at home.

Part of me wanted to pack a bag and make a run for it. Find some place that only Weevil and I knew about and just shut the rest of the world away for awhile. I knew he wouldn't understand though. He'd think I was trying to hide him away because I was ashamed. That wasn't true. He was just one of the few people who I could stand right now. In fact he was one of two. If it wasn't for Duncan, I'd have already bolted. Except, probably not, because I was Lilly Kane and I didn't run from anything. Not even myself.
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From: _weevil_
2005-08-08 05:34 am (UTC)
Smile might've grown into a full-fledged grin as she suddenly got sweet and demanding at the same time. Way only Lilly Kane could. Her fingers clutching my shirt as she kissed me and pulled me inside her bedroom. The sanctuary, kinda cute for a bunch of rich girly stuff. My eyes travelled appreciatively down the length of her body as she kind've did that bounce sway thing she does when she walks. She was the only girl who could pull that off without lookin' like a total priss. Dark eyes followed her as she languidly lounged down on the bed and dayum....did she have any idea the effect she had on men? And by men I meant mostly me cause when I started to think about other guys puttin' their hands on her? I started to get a little crazy, ya know? Specially when it came to that Logan fuck. Rich white boy thinkin' he could rule the entire world just cause his bank accounts nice and fat. Don't work that way, homes. He was gonna learn that one of these days.

"Naw. C'mon, Lilly you know me. Like one measly little tree's gonna stop me from comin' to see my girl." I grinned at her as I walked over and sat down on the edge of the bed. I wanted to lay down with her, have my hands all over her hot little body. But you know what they say about Weevil? He love you long time, make you scream all night long. Didn't think Lilly's parents who were probably downstairs plannin' their big lunch at that Country Club they wouldn't let me into, didn't think they'd appreciate me up here havin' my way with their sweet little girl.

Sweet little girl, my ass. She'd just taken a shitload of pills and threatened to jump off of a bridge. Girl like this was gonna be the end of me and my rep, already knew it, saw it plain as day. Talk about a drama queen, not that I was about to be complainin'. Besides, I was worried about her I wanted to make sure she was okay before I started givin' her a workout, ya know?

Draping an arm around her shoulders I pulled her close to me and gently touched my lips to her forehead in a kiss before I pulled away a little bit and gave her a serious look. "Are you okay, Lilly? Cause if you're not you gotta tell me." I asked, implored, my eyes practically begging. Cause someone had to watch out for her, even if she was delusional enough to think that she could watch out for herself.
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[User Picture]From: logans_lilly
2005-08-09 12:08 pm (UTC)
Weevil was the most intense guy I'd ever met. I mean, Duncan had his own broody intensity going on and yeah Logan could be kind of intense in a reckless way, but Weevil was so damn passionate. The way he looked at me? It made me feel like I was the only person who mattered in the world and it was different from the way other people looked at me. Yeah, they wanted me or they wanted to be me, but they didn't see through the mask and figure out the real me. Weevil did. He got who I was beyond all the walls and games and he stilled wanted to be with me. I couldn't help but appreciate that.

When he asked if I was okay, I could see just how scared he was. I really freaked him out with my stunt. Guess I freaked myself out too because I found myself leaning against him and wanting to disappear in his arms. He made me feel safe and wanted and god I really needed that. I needed him. That scared me more than I was comfortable with. I was used too just needing myself.

"I will be." I said, and it was as honest as I could be. It wasn't like I could just snap back to the way I was before everything fell apart. No matter what my intentions were when I climbed up on that bridge, things had changed once I got up there. I had wanted to fall and a part of me wanted Keith Mars to drop me. That scared the fuck out of me because honestly, I loved life. The idea of ending things just freaked me out.

"You make me want to be okay." I said softly. It was true. There was something about Weevil that made me want to be strong. To be the girl he was first attracted too. The girl I used to be before I let Logan, Veronica and my parents fuck with my head. Duncan and Weevil needed me to be that girl again and they were the only ones who mattered to me. That meant I needed to get myself together fast because I couldn't hide behind Weevil forever. No matter how much I wanted too.

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